• Theory
    • Composition
    • Improvisation

 PHILOSOPHY : The goal of every practice, every session, and every performance is to achieve a level of mastery, however great or limited the scope.  Each task, each challenge, each day is an opportunity to explore a musical concept, a composition, a genre… Focused effort sustained over time leads to mastery, as the many aspects and pieces of the big picture incrementally emerge. To be a dedicated student one must inquire and learn about the possibilities. To be a dedicated artist one must be empowered to make creative choices. 

MAINTAINING A POSITIVE MIND SET : Human beings are complex creatures. We often overlook the obvious and sabotage our best intentions with habits that undermine our success. Maintaining a positive mind set is critical to the outcomes of our daily efforts and to our long term goals. Being sensitive to negativity (from without and from within) is an ongoing challenge, so taking charge of this is a key component in our practice.

PRACTICE : separate the tasks  / isolate and prioritize the issues and challenges /  identify workable tempos for successful simulations / establish reasonable time frames for attainments / find success in every practice model or change it to be so

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